About Miracle House Sober Living in Los Angeles

Miracle House Sober Living in Los Angeles has been helping men address their alcoholism and addiction and achieve sobriety since 1985. Miracle House sober living is staffed with managers that offer years of experience in the recovery field.  Our sober living managers support the house members and help guide them towards making healthy decisions in their sobriety.

Miracle House is far from your traditional sober living in Los Angeles, CA.  Our sober living is tailored towards men who have been living independently for some time or have had failed experience in recovering from addiction and/or alcoholism in the past and are now at a place where they are willing to devote and apply themselves towards fruitful recovery.

The men of Miracle House have most often already suffered many negative consequences as a result of their using, but have been unable to make the changes necessary to live healthy, happy, and sober lives. Their experiences have clearly demonstrated their need for help in achieving sobriety. The desperation most of the Miracle House members come into the house with is a driving force that motivates them to work together in recovery and it is what encourages them to seize every opportunity for growth in recovery. The guys learn that the tools, life skills, and attitude they adopt going through the house must be continued once graduated if they are to succeed independently.

Sober Living Philosophy

Long-term recovery is the most effective way to help an individual suffering from alcoholism and addiction.  The structure of Miracle House sober living is designed for individuals to progress and transition back into  living independently. During their stay in Miracle House sober living, house members will gain the strength and understanding of their alcoholism and addiction to be able to process situations, feelings, and experiences in a healthy way; they will develop the tools necessary to achieve long-term sobriety. Graduates of Miracle House sober living in Los Angeles will always have a place to fall back on and rely on for support.

Through structure and a peer support, the men at Miracle House work together to achieve recovery.  By participating in a community one can identify with, the individual has the ability to build healthy relationships with others he can trust.

We believe that addiction and alcoholism affects the entire family and loved ones involved.  We have a strong family support network and include family and loved ones in Miracle House Sober Living family groups, activities and events. We hold a weekly family barbecue where families can network with other parents, see the guys and get a great understanding of the magic that takes place within the walls of Miracle House Sober Living in Los Angeles. For families that are unable to participate in the family weekends at the house, we have online forum where families can stay in contact and get updates on whats going on at Miracle House.

We encourage you to contact us at (888) 357-7577 to schedule a visit and come by and see the Miracle House sober living in Los Angeles. 

More About Our Sober Livings
Miracle House Sober Living in Los Angeles is associated with New Life House. Learn more about New Life House please visit our main website at www.newlifehouse.com.  Our safe and supportive sober living environments promote recovery within peer-based communities.
New Life House Service
New Life House men's sober living believes in being of maximum service to the community. At New Life House we stay active giving back. Through participating in our surrounding community, our age specific sober living helps benefit those around us while keeping members feeling good getting outside of themselves.