Why Miracle House Works

Miracle House sober living in Los Angeles is in the heart of the Southern California recovery community.  House members in the Miracle House sober living attend 12-Step meetings (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.) daily.  They obtain a sponsor and work the 12-Steps while being aided and supported by their fellow brothers and by the Miracle House sober living in Los Angeles.  Our connections and relationships in the Los Angeles area help newer members get connected in the recovery community and obtain employment local to the Los Angeles area while residing at Miracle House sober living.

 We work together with the house members to help them adopt the life skills that are necessary to achieve long-term sobriety and productive living. We attempt to instill in them values and integrity and get them to understand the connection between self-esteem and self-worth that is developed as a result of living the right way, and removal of the obsession of drugs and alcohol. Ultimately, we want to get our house members to a place where they know and believe that their actions and the way they interact with others is directly connected to whether or not they will have long-term, happy, and fruitful sobriety. The guys identify and confront the reasons that they used drugs and alcohol and get a better understand of who they really are, underneath all the layers of falsity. By understanding why one turns to drugs and alcohol, they can they learn new coping skills and positive solutions to deal with issues rather than having to rely on getting loaded to avoid them. This sort of direct confrontation of issues is what we have found effective in achieving long-term sobriety.

Miracle House Sober Living in Los Angeles is highly effective because of three components: (1) the camaraderie and brotherhood, (2) the level of accountability, and (3) the structure.

1. Camaraderie and Brotherhood 

The men at Miracle House Sober Living work together in their recovery to achieve quality sobriety. They are incorporated into a community of people who all share a common bond — the struggle of addiction. They are able to relate and with one another on a deeply personal level and as a result they build trust and faith that the sober lifestyle is possible. The experience, strength, and hope that is relayed by the guys with more time to the guys with less time makes the recovery lifestyle attractive.  It’s very difficult to get sober by oneself, the house members at Miracle House Sober Living create a family atmosphere and a strong sense of unity amongst themselves (so much so that the guys refer to each other as brothers) and and this is part of the reason for the success found at Miracle House.

2. Accountability

When a man is able to take responsibility and accountability for his actions and behavior, he is actively taking steps towards living a productive and successful life that is free from drugs and alcohol. That sort of maturity and responsible living is achieved through the guys learning how to hold themselves and their brothers accountable; they point out flaws in one anothers’ behavior and thinking. It’s constructive criticism.The guys have to be made aware of their flaws in order to be able to correct them. Once the guys are made aware of their defects of character, they assume the responsibility for correcting them.

3. Miracle House’s Structure

Miracle House’s structure system separates us from other sober living facilities throughout the rest of the country. Miracle House implements the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous that teaches that alcohol and drugs were not the problem, but rather a solution to the problem. Anyone can be abstinent from substances, but the attitude and behavior of that individual will remain the same unless a significant change takes place. The focus at Miracle House is on character, attitude and behavior. Living mature and responsible lives is our priority. Our years of experience in recovery have allowed us to create an ideal structure that has been proven to be effective for alcoholics and addicts striving to achieve long-term sobriety.

Our structure consists of:

Morning Meditation: Each morning, house members read from a 12-step daily meditation book and share about how it relates to their lives, what the reading means to them, and what they are looking forward to that day.

Daily Chores: Every person is responsible for a chore inside of the house. This not only teaches a work ethic, but also the importance of living in a clean house. The more effort one puts into the house, the more pride he gains. Miracle House is not just a program to those in it; it’s their home.

Noon Book Study: Every weekday at 12:30, the residents read from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and share about how they related to the chapter and how it currently pertains to their lives. Every Monday, a different activity is set up for 12:30 group.Once a week a 12-step meeting outside of the house is attended in lieu of Noon Book Study.

Family Meeting: This is the most important house meeting of the day. Every evening the management facilitates a meeting where the focus is on three orders of business:

  1. Personal Business: The house members set up their plans and appointments in advance for the following day. The purpose of this is to get they guys into the habit of properly planning and managing their responsibilities according to their respective schedules.
  2. Attitude Checks: The house members write anonymous “bring-ups” – both positive and negative actions or attitudes – that focus on the other members in the house.
  3. Family Business: This is an essential part of the house . It is the time when we address any issues or concerns regarding individuals inside the house. This gives an individual the opportunity to learn about how his actions and attitudes affect his life and the people around him, why he should change those parts about himself,  and what the solution is for him to be able to do so.

12-Step Meetings: House members are required to attend one 12-step meeting per day. Morning, noon and evening meetings are available to accommodate those working or attending school.

One-on-Ones: The management works with all the house members on an individual level for daily “check-ins”  and to discuss any concerns that have been brought up. The management is involved with all activities and schedules for each individual house member.

Tuesday Evening Meeting: Every Tuesday night, the Director facilitates a house meeting. Serious house issues are addressed and individual goals are set up. This is a mandatory meeting for the house members and the alumni return to participate in the meeting.

More About Our Sober Livings
Miracle House Sober Living in Los Angeles is associated with New Life House. Learn more about New Life House please visit our main website at www.newlifehouse.com.  Our safe and supportive sober living environments promote recovery within peer-based communities.
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New Life House men's sober living believes in being of maximum service to the community. At New Life House we stay active giving back. Through participating in our surrounding community, our age specific sober living helps benefit those around us while keeping members feeling good getting outside of themselves.